A Grateful Heart

It is November. A time for giving thanks across our nation. It’s necessary to pause every now and again to remind ourselves that every day (Mondays included )… lived in this big, beautiful world … with our husbands and children at our sides… in the presence of our extended family and friends…in good health… and with “enough” if not “surplus” to meet our needs…is a gift. A precious treasure. Don’t wait for a tragedy to remind you of this fact. SAVOR the special moments in every day. They are there ~ we just have to slow down a bit to spot them before they slip past.

Somehow, in our daily hustle-bustle we lose sight that tomorrow doesn’t always come, or that it comes but brings with it some unexpected hurdles. But yes, simply having the ability to go about our routine, “routine” though it may be, is a HUGE blessing.

The other day, I entered Starbucks with my 4 year-old daughter in tow. We were “killing time” before her weekly dance class and that’s when gratitude ran up and smacked me right in the face. It shouted to me “WAKE UP! – this moment is SPECIAL!!” I had my sweet girl with me, money enough to buy coffee for me and cookies for her, and the good health and freedom of time to be there and enjoy our treats together. This wasn’t always the case for us as a team…my daughter had a rocky start in life. What more could I ask for? At that moment, Gratitude introduced me to its companions… Fulfillment & Contentment. What a fantastic morning!

Alaina and I, the Mother-force behind Belmama & Cherub LLC and creators of The Shower Hug, wish you and yours a heart full of Gratitude, Fulfillment & Contentment this holiday season and throughout all of your days.

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