Digging Out!

Summer. What a delightful season! Every one of my senses is pleased by summer. It is “my” season, more than any other season. The sights of summer – smiling, sun-kissed faces and bright blue skies. The smells of summer – sweet flowers and salty sea air. The tastes of summer – ripe, juicy fruit and ice cream. The sounds of summer – children laughing wildly and waves crashing. The touch of summer – sublime warmth and soft breezes.

It was a beautiful summer, indeed, and my family and I are savoring the few remaining days before that school bell rings. I thought I outran the feeling of desperation that always overtook me as a kid when summer waned and school approached …AHHHHHHH! In fact, my “summer desperation” had a hard time catching up to me since I moved from NJ (where fall and crisp weather was right around the corner come September) to southern CA (where the daytime temp never dips much below 65). However, now that I have school-aged children, summer desperation has reared its ugly head again (turns out – it shows no geographic bias). And this time, I need to keep its existence a secret from my kids! I can’t let on that I dread the beginning of school, of schedules and appointments. They can’t know I’m not ready to hop back on that Hampster Wheel just yet. But, I realize, I have a lot to do! The world of the Shower Hug, breastfeeding bliss, breastfeeding woes and all maladies and remedies “breast” need me back! So tonight, I begin digging out.

Tasks and duties too long neglected: My attention is yours. The endless pursuit of organization: I’m back. Drop-off and pick-up on a strict down-to-the-minute schedule: Your mine (and I won’t be late, guaranteed!)

Bottom line: My to-do list is daunting, heavy and oppressive right about now, but I am thankful for its non-judgmental guidance. I am passing a thousand beautiful memories as I navigate out of this hole I find myself…memories I wouldn’t trade for, well…just about anything. I hope I can always close my eyes and relive these summer days that have touched my senses, my being, my heart in countless ways. They are summer’s gift – they are my treasure.

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