Early Stage Breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding are incredible! And, while breastfeeding is nature’s way of perfectly nourishing our young, it doesn’t always come naturally or without a few hitches. There is a breastfeeding learning curve that every Mama should be prepared to ride.

Early stage breastfeeding may leave Mom feeling a little overwhelmed and achy as she and baby master the logistics of lactation. It is common for breastfeeding mothers to encounter engorgement, sore breasts, cracked or bleeding nipples, plugged milk ducts and mastitis over the course of her breastfeeding experience.

The Shower Hug, a therapeutic breast compress, can help! The Shower Hug soothes sore, tender breasts associated with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. It provides gentle bustline support and cradles tender breasts in ultra-soft, double-sided knit terry velour. Mom may wear the Shower Hug while lounging to hold therapeutic warm or cool packs or she may find it the perfect breast support for overnight wear. It is a cinch to breastfeed baby in! Mom may also wear her Shower Hug while showering! It provides gentle support to full, heavy breasts while protecting them from the sting of harsh shower sprays. The Shower Hug absorbs warm shower water creating a soothing warm compress to ease breast and nipple pain.

Anything that makes life easier and more comfortable for a new mom is well worth it! The Shower Hug is worth its weight in GOLD! If you have a new Mama in your life, pamper her with the gift of a Shower Hug.

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