ENGORGEMENT = OUCH! Most first-time moms will experience breast engorgement in the first few days and weeks after baby’s birth. When I had my first baby, I was unaware of the discomfort “ENGORGEMENT” would bring but boy – did I learn quickly!

Breast milk production is triggered by changes in Mom’s hormones close to and following baby’s birth. Engorgement happens when a Mom’s body kicks into gear to produce breast milk to feed her newborn baby, but Mom’s milk supply is greater than her baby’s demand. When the breast milk supply is greater than breast milk demand, the breasts may become swollen and feel very “full” or “heavy”… they may go up a cup size or more overnite…they may feel feel “hard” and “hot” … they may be very sensitive to pressure and touch. Again, ENGORGEMENT = OUCH!

Engorgement can be quite uncomfortable, but it is a natural and temporary occurrence. There are some steps, however, that Mom can take to ease the breast pain, discomfort & soreness associated with engorged breasts. One step that lactation professionals & physicians alike recommend is using compresses on the breasts. Use COOL compresses after & between feedings. Use WARM compresses just before feedings.

An easy way to achieve a warm or cool compress affect is by using The Shower Hug Therapeutic Breast Wrap! Simply wrap the Shower Hug around your chest and attach the Velcro closure. You can wear the Shower Hug while you shower to act as a soothing warm compress (& to cushion VERY tender breasts from pelting shower sprays) or you can insert cool packs or warm packs into the Shower Hug for hands free convenience as you go about your day and care for yourself & baby.

One resource we love is Dr. Sear’s website. Here is a link to a comprehensive article about ENGORGEMENT, including other tips to ease your pain and discomfort!


It can take a little time for Mom’s milk supply & Baby’s milk demand to balance into a happy equilibrium, but until that happens, find relief with the Shower Hug Therapeutic Breast Wrap.

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