Hello world!

Hello world! Here we are. Far down on my ever-evolving list of things to get done, I have finally arrived on the line item called “BLOG.” I have mentally written many posts, but until this point I have not involved my fingers or computer! I am happy to be here! I hope you are too. I welcome you to share what is on your mind. Perhaps it’s a question about the Shower Hug or maybe it’s a parenting or breastfeeding issue. We have an awesome network of veteran mothers, breastfeeding advocates and lactation experts to lighten your load! Mothering and breastfeeding are fine arts. They unfold organically, but are not always easy and breezy. I have personally tripped many times on my way up that learning curve that began with a positive pregnancy test in August 2004! Shared lessons…Shared support…Shared joy…Shared frustrations. Sharing makes it easier – and more fun! We are honored to share our journey with you!

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