Made in the USA!

Ironically, the first image that comes to mind when I think “Made in the USA” has nothing to do with the Shower Hug or the uncertain, unsettling times our nation faces today. The first image goes much farther back in time.

I am at a small-town Fourth of July parade circa 1982. I was dressed in a red, white & blue jumper with matching ribbons in my hair. I chased the Kiwanis float down the parade route collecting candy as it was strewn about. I remember this day so clearly – drinking lemonade, swatting at bumblebees that wanted their share. I remember fighting to stay awake that night so I could see the firework display. I remember the patriotic music played by the high school band. In later years, I would learn the words to those patriotic songs and the history from which they arose.

My childhood was so uncomplicated and deliciously simple. My Dad drove a Ford. My Mom drove a Chevy wagon. My classmates and I held our hands over our hearts when we recited the pledge of allegiance, never hesitating when we got to the line about “one nation under God.” All of this deliciously simple living shaped my thoughts and beliefs, and the way we lived then instilled a deep sense of patriotism and gratitude that persists even now.

My past has shaped my decision to source and manufacture the Shower Hug right here in the USA – in the United States of America, the land of the Free and home of the Brave. In this way, I can contribute something positive to and support our nation. It is a decision of which I am quite proud. Admittedly, the cost of doing business here in the States is higher, and my profit margin slimmer. But the end result is without-a-doubt worth it. Our fabric is gorgeous. I know that fair and humane practices are in place at all points along my supply chain. And, the quality with which the Shower Hugs are cut and sewn is incomparable.

The Shower Hug ~ proudly made in the USA!

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