Sharing Motherhood ~ A Breastfeeding Moment

My baby girl was days old and in the NICU. If I wasn’t there to breastfeed her, the nursing staff (who was fabulous by the way) would formula feed her. My milk was just coming in, and so I didn’t have stored/pumped breastmilk available yet and it was VERY important me that M have my breastmilk. She was a wee thing fighting a few different (major) challenges and I knew that breastmilk was the very best nutrition to fuel her fighting body. My husband and I were always present in the NICU, but twice a day the unit closed and all parents and family had to leave for an hour. We used this time to rush home and see our 2 year old son who was having the time of his life. He was incredibly proud and pleased to be a big brother and was being wonderfully spoiled by his doting grandparents.
On our return trip to the hospital, traffic was a bear and we were stuck. My husband drives a big, old Suburban and he saw how crazy I was getting in the passenger seat at the thought of missing a feeding. Missing a feeding meant a lot. It meant missing the opportunity to hold M close to my chest and snuggle her and nourish her little body and mind and soul. Missing a feeding meant missing the opportunity to gaze into those beautiful newborn eyes and assure her that everything was going to be ok. Missing a feeding meant that I missed my dose of strength, courage and hope that I received from cradling M, radiating in her warmth and breathing in her beautiful new baby scent.
Now my husband could visually see the new mother/postpartum hormones kicking into gear big time. Without hesitation or a single shared word, he took that huge car right up over the curb and onto the grass to get past the traffic that was keeping me from my girl. And, we made it to her feeding with just a minute or two to spare.
Moral of the story… we’ll do anything for our kids… and our husbands will do just about anything for us, especially when in Mother Bear mode further amped by postpartum hormones!

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