The Shower Hug … A “Certified Miracle!”

Why must women be plagued by sore (understatement!) breasts, and sore nipples when they are going about the business of creating an entirely new person from just one tiny egg and an even smaller sperm? Add persistent nausea, swollen legs, aching feet, fingers whose rings won’t fit, funny food cravings, pregnancy brain, hormonal swings that take a girl from laughing to crying in 30 seconds flat and taking potty breaks over the course of day AND night to the list… well, I think we have enough on our plates to deal with!

New moms, motherhood is a journey. Find those miracle products like the Shower Hug that will see you through this adventure in style, grace & comfort, and stock up! Then, share your finds with your friends who travel this road with you! Road-tested advice from the mommy-circles was the best I ever received!!

A great new resource for new moms is the “Certified Miracle Seal.” It tells you when a product is that good that you simply cannot live without it. The Shower Hug has been awarded this seal, and it’s not easy to come by! Unlike others, it can’t be bought. Companies cannot even submit to receive the award. Happy customers, bloggers and those in the related industry like lactation professionals have to submit a product for consideration for the Seal. It is then put through a rigorous review process. The Shower Hug was selected as one of only 25 out of more than 1000 products to receive this honor, so you can be confident that it truly is Mom’s miracle to support, soothe and comfort sore boobs. (One (or two!) less thing(s) to worry about!)

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