The Shower Hug’s “Conception & Evolution”

The inspiration for the Shower Hug came to me during my painful breastfeeding experience. I conceived the product and after months of research, development and testing, the Shower Hug was born!
It was in my role as stay-at-home Mom that I conceived the idea for the Shower Hug. It struck me when I was struggling to comfortably shower in the early days of motherhood and breastfeeding. My breasts were engorged and my nipples were very sore and my nipples were cracked and bleeding. The stinging caused by the force of the shower sprays hitting my chest was too painful to tolerate, and as such the routine task of showering became difficult, hurried, and awkward. I had looked forward to the solitude of a long, hot shower all day, but as soon as I stepped in, I was rushing to get out.
My doctor advised holding a towel over my chest when showering, which was not practical and created an abundance of extra laundry. The loop terry cloth of my towel was too harsh to hold against my chest, and the towel became very heavy when wet. The weight of the towel on my chest created pressure that was quite uncomfortable. I also did not have my hands free to shower, soap, shave, etc. I tried dodging the shower sprays by keeping my back to the streams, which did not allow me to easily cleanse my body. I shopped and searched for a product that would help me. My search revealed there was no such product to treat this problem.
As I met more and more mothers, I learned that many women quietly struggle with breast pain during their pregnancies and throughout breastfeeding. I found that I was not alone in my dread of those stinging shower sprays, and that a simple task like showering actually became a painful, challenging, and frustrating experience for countless moms. What made this problem even worse was the fact that many new moms view the shower as a place of respite and solitude. Time in the shower is often the only alone time a new mother gets in a day. I decided to solve this age-old problem and went about creating the Shower Hug.
My goal was to create a product designed for wear inside the shower that would support and protect the breasts and help to relieve breast and nipple pain associated with pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding while leaving the wearer’s hands free. The product would create a physical barrier between the breast area and stinging shower sprays, soap, and other chemical residues found in many toiletries; and would function as a warm compress to alleviate breast discomfort caused by swelling, engorgement, localized blockages of milk ducts, nipple trauma, and breast infection.
I undertook research, design and development efforts of the Shower Hug in May 2006. This stage took careful thought and an abundance of time and effort. I worked for approximately 9 months to source components ~ fabric that was soft, stretchable, lightweight, absorbent and double-sided, Velcro® that was ultra low-profile as a closing mechanism that would be easy to use, rust proof and provide size adjustability while not harming or causing trauma to tender breast tissue, thread that was strong enough to withstand repeated tugging (to open the Velcro® closure) and which was capable of stretching without rupturing… The Shower Hug’s concept is simple, however its unique combination of materials and construction is what makes it super effective!
During this time, I developed prototypes, tested the prototypes on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, refined the prototypes and identified proper garment sizing to accommodate the unique and ever-changing bustline measurements of pregnant and breastfeeding women of all different body types and sizes. I also created product packaging, wrote the website script, tested the website ordering system, secured a place of manufacture and located and obtained suppliers who were willing to deal with a micro-business. I wrote the original patent application for my invention and filed it all by myself! This was a proud moment! Even better was the moment I learned The Shower Hug was granted a Patent by the US Patent & Trademark Office! This did not happen until 4 years later! (Patience is an earned virtue!)
Today, the Shower Hug is sold to a niche market consisting of women who experience breast pain associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as women who experience cyclical breast pain, mastalgia and those who are undergoing breast cancer treatments or who have undergone surgical procedures to the breast area. The purpose of the Shower Hug is to allow women suffering from sore breasts and nipples to comfortably shower! It provides gentle bustline support for enlarged breasts…it creates a cushion between the force of shower sprays and the breasts to minimize the stinging sensation…it shields the breasts and nipples from soaps and chemicals contained in toiletries than can irritate sensitive skin…and it acts as a warm compress to alleviate pain caused by hormonal change, engorgement, mastitis, plugged milk ducts and other conditions that cause physical pain, soreness and irritation to a woman’s breasts and nipples.
We think the Shower Hug is a little piece of heaven that delivers a big dose of TLC – it is one of those affordable luxuries that every Mom should have during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Take a look at our Testimonials & Reviews and see what real life mamas have to say about the Shower Hug!

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