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Dear Mama

Welcoming baby into your heart, your home and your life is an amazing experience. Treat baby as the miracle he or she is. But remember, be kind to yourself too! Pregnancy, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding present a marathon welcome to motherhood!

Needless to say, our bodies go through A LOT! Tender and painful breasts associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding are a reality for many moms. We deal with hormonal changes, engorgement, mastitis, plugged milk ducts, etc., all of which cause breast pain and discomfort. Ouch!

The Shower Hug™ is a simple convenient solution to soothe Mom's tender breasts and nipples.

I created the Shower Hug™ after I had my first baby. The Shower Hug™ is worn in or out of the shower for gentle bust line support. In the shower, it shields sensitive nipples and sore breasts from the stinging force of shower sprays. It is perfectly absorbent to provide a warm compress affect and the end result is much needed relief!

Once again, enjoy the serenity of your shower. Refresh your body and renew your spirit as you savor some well-deserved alone time. Showers are so much more than a ritual of hygiene. The Shower Hug™ eliminates the need to race as you shampoo, condition, soap and shave with one hand and shield your breasts from stinging shower sprays with the other.

A Shower Hug™, worn dry, embraces you in the softest, most luxurious knit terry velour. It provides gentle, non binding support without the discomfort of elastic bands or shoulder straps. The Shower Hug is ideal under leisure clothes or for night time wear.

The Shower Hug™ recently received the Certified Miracle award, nominated by one or more of several groups: bloggers, pediatricians, medical professionals, parent groups - and/or others - as an outstanding product. It was then put through a rigorous review process, and selected as one of only 25 out of more than 1000 products to receive this inaugural honor!

I am delighted to offer you this little piece of heaven that delivers a big dose of TLC. Consider yourself hugged!

Motherhood is an awe-inspiring, heart-wrenching journey. Travel it well. Hug yourself daily and remember how very beautiful you are.

Most sincerely,
Ane S.
Founder, Belmama & Cherub, LLC