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Press & Media

ShowerHug Giveaway The Shower Hug™ on TrueCuddles

The Shower Hug of Belmama & Cherub was the "featured mompreneur" on truecuddles.ca, an independent reviewer of baby products focused on uncovering motherhood essentials.

Breast Pain Relief The Shower Hug™ on NBC

NBC San Diego interview with Andria M. Sgro, creator of the Shower Hug™.

Sore Nipple Relief The Shower Hug™ Receives Award from Certified Miracles™

The Shower Hug™ was nominated by one or more of several groups: bloggers, pediatricians, medical professionals, parent groups - and/or others - as an outstanding product. It was then put through a rigorous review process, and selected as one of only 25 out of more than 1000 products to receive this inaugural honor.

As seen in USA Today ~ http://www.showerhug.com/media/5189_22.pdf

Breastfeeding soreness The Shower Hug™ on YouTube:

Enjoy watching our short video about the Shower Hug's many soothing benefits!

Shower wrap for tenderness Read the Belmama story:

Andria (Ane) and Alaina (Lain) are sisters. Ane lives on the west coast, Lain lives on the east coast. Three thousand miles separate them, but the bond of sisterhood and friendship make the miles a mere inconvenience. Ane and Lain have recently added "business partners" to the roles they share as sisters and dear friends. Here is their story...

Sore nipples shower Read an interview with Belmama founder Andria Sgro:

Favorite part of a typical day?

My favorite part of a typical day is the quietude of early morning – just before dawn. I am rested, energetic and excited about the adventure and promise of a new day! I take great pleasure in my morning ritual of opening the shutters and windows, making coffee and checking email. I do this all by my lonesome in a house that is quiet and still. Nirvana! Admittedly, I also cannot wait to see my children when they awake shortly thereafter, with tousled hair, groggy voices and abundant hugs and kisses for Mama. It's like Christmas...every morning. Then all hell breaks loose...in a good way!