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Testimonials and Reviews

Our customers love our products! But don't just take our word for it. Enjoy the testimonials below and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Shower Hug™, Burp Cloths or Wash Cloths.

Thank you!

ROCKIN' MAMA reviews the Shower Hug!

I tried The Shower Hug when I got home from the hospital last week. The first thing I noticed is that it's super soft. It's made from a cotton/polyester blend and it feels almost like terry but softer. You simply velcro it in place and you get protection from the shower and a bit of support (the material is stretchy). But protection and support are not the only benefits achieved with The Shower Hug. If you take a warm shower (like I do) it can act as a warm compress. It's very soothing for engorgement.

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WORKOUT MOMMY reviews the Shower Hug!

If you are looking for that perfect baby shower present for a friend or you are about to become a new mom yourself, I highly recommend The Shower Hug.

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METROPOLITAN MAMA names the Shower Hug TOP PRODUCT for 2009!

...It makes a fabulous gift or you can buy it for yourself. I know you might be thinking, "It's just a little piece of fabric, what's the Big Deal!" — actually, yes, it IS a Big Deal. I wouldn't shower without it for the first few weeks postpartum. True story.

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Blacktating reviews the Shower Hug!

So would I recommend the Shower Hug? A resounding "yes!" This is one of those products you don't realize you need until you try it! After I was done testing it out all I could think was, "This thing is awesome, why didn't I think of it?"

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MY WEE VIEW reviews the Shower Hug!

The Shower Hug is the perfect treat (and necessity) for any mother, regardless of whether or not she has decided to breastfeed. It is a band of terry velour that fits snugly (or not, depending on your needs) around your torso, securing and protecting your breasts while in the shower, to help reduce the discomfort of water pelting your very tender breasts. Not surprising that this treat was created by a mother who obviously understands that you have to take your little moments of relief however and wherever you can.

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COOLBABYKID.COM reviews the Shower Hug!

I wish I knew about the Shower Hug when I was pregnant with my daughter. My breasts were so sore and heavy when my milk came in and there was no relief in sight. With my son thank goodness there was the Shower Hug.

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MOGULBABY.COM reviews the Shower Hug!

As a nursing mother, I was eager to try it as usually in the morning I suffer from engorgement. The Shower Hug absorbed the water, making it like a compress and very comfortable to wear. I wished I had it when I had mastitis a few months ago.

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PREGNANCY & NEWBORN reviews the Shower Hug for Earth Day!

"Who would've thought that a warm shower could be so painful post-birth? The Shower Hug was created with your tender breasts in mind. This soft and supportive bandeau top is the perfect barrier between you and forceful shower heads. Plus, it's made from 80% organic cotton and 20% ecospun stretch terrycloth for the coziest, most natural fit."

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EXAMINER.COM reviews the Shower Hug!

"The Shower Hug is a little treat for moms once baby is born. It provides secure and super soft protection in the shower, where the water can hurt instead of relax the tender parts. This is a product invented out of sheer need and genius of a mama who understood the pains and needs of new moms."

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METROPOLITAN MAMA reviews the Shower Hug!

"The Shower Hug is a new mama necessity in the first few weeks postpartum. The soft protective material keeps the harsh spray of the waters off of your chest (which is likely tender from engorgement, sore nipples, etc.) and the velcro provides the optimal amount of support when you need it most."

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THE GERBER BABIES reviews the Shower Hug!

"If you are breastfeeding, you have probably had one of those moments. You know, your breasts are painful and swollen, hot and full. Your nipples are cracked and bleeding, and you think you will die if anything touches them. The warm shower that you think will make it all better batters your tender breasts until you can no longer take it. Now there's a way to turn your shower into a welcoming retreat once again. You need a hug, and not just any hug will do. I'd like to introduce you to the Shower Hug!"

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PREPPY MAMA reviews the Shower Hug!

"The Shower Hug by Belmama & Cherub is truly sheer heaven. Now to know this you have to be a pregnant or nursing mom. We all know what happens to the boobs girls and they hurt like heck! This little baby was thought up by a mom!! Yay, we love that!!"

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THOUGHTS FROM THE MRS. reviews the Shower Hug!

"Belmama & Cherub is the place to go if you're a pregnant or nursing mom. It is there, you will find the Shower Hug. The Shower Hug is a wonderful thing and I really wish I had one while I was pregnant with and nursing my son."

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PEANUT BUTTER & PICKLES reviews the Shower Hug!

"This is the perfect thing! It protected my sensitive areas to enjoy a shower. It also became warm with the water and was very comforting, even relaxing!! I don't get engorged anymore, but I'm sure if I was this would be the answer!! I can't wait to have another bra-less night!!! Ahhh, sweet freedom!"

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MULTI-TESTING MOMMY reviews the Shower Hug!

"The only thing I wished is that I had two; one for in the shower and a dry one for when I got out of the shower to protect my chest from my towel accidentally rubbing against them (yes, even a towel that barely touched me made me wince in pain!). I highly recommend the Shower Hug to any new Mom!"

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"If you've ever taken a shower with engorged breasts -- or even worse, mastitis -- you know the pain can be excruciating. Shower Hug to the rescue!... Belmama & Cherub, which makes the Shower Hug, happily provided samples to nursing mom Summer Sanders, as well as expectant mom Leslie Segrete of TLC's While You Were Out."

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REVIEWIN' IT UP reviews the Shower Hug!

"In the shower, the Shower Hug provides support for engorged breasts and protects them from being directly sprayed with water. Pretty cool, eh? It is super soft and very comfy - so comfy, in fact, that I slept in it! It's a nice alternative to a sleep bra or cami."

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MAMANISTA reviews the Shower Hug!

"As one of the 20% of nursing moms who suffered with plugged ducts and other nursing aliments I think every mom should have a Shower Hug on hand for self-treatment since this product is just perfect for holding warm compresses and cold compresses on the breasts."

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3Ps MAMA SAYS reviews the Shower Hug!

"Chances are good that we all share plenty of things in common - including the fact that sooner or later, we have or will all feel like protecting our very tender breasts or abdomen. The Shower Hug by Belmama & Cherub is the ideal answer for a painful and tender condition"

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MOMS ON THE MOVE reviews the Shower Hug!

"The Shower Hug is an absolute must-have for nursing mothers but is a wonderful treat for pregnant moms in need of breast relief."

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LAURA WILLIAM'S MUSINGS reviews the Shower Hug!

"Introducing that no pregnant, postpartum, nursing mother should be without... The Shower Hug™! ...This item would make a wonderful gift for an expecting friend or as a gift to yourself..."

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BABY GEAR reviews the Shower Hug!

"Breastfeeding has been, well, difficult for me. The baby had a tight frenulum, is a sleepy nurser and my breasts were sore from feeding number one! Trying to find great products to help me and my son breastfeed better and longer has been my new mission. I have found a new product that helps moms with just that, the Shower Hug...."

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MUMS THE WURD reviews the Shower Hug!

"Along with the chaos of having a newly-turned-two year old and a newborn comes some pain. I totally forgot how, well, awful the first weeks of breastfeeding are. Thankfully, other people know this, and do what they can to help us sore moms out. The Shower Hug is a soft, knit terry velour towel that you wrap around sore breasts to protect them from the harshness of the shower. It is a God send! I'm still "recovering" from the first few days of Lennon and his extremely aggressive nursing (the kid is hungry!), and the Shower Hug has been a welcome relief. I also wear it at night, instead of a nursing bra. It's so soft and comfortable!"

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MOMMY MANDY reviews the Shower Hug!

"The Shower Hug by Belmama & Cherub is one of my new favorite products. Especially during my menstrual cycle and my breasts are super tender. I only wish I had had it when I was nursing. I can not wait to use with when I nurse the next baby! The Shower Hug is one amazing product..."

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AN ORDINARY LIFE by KRISTIN reviews the Shower Hug!

"The Shower Hug is one amazing product, most of us have been pregnant before. You know how painful your breasts can get, even during pregnancy the breasts start to hurt. The Shower Hug provides bust support for or engorged breasts. You can use this product either in or out of the shower... We all know as Mothers just how painful and sore your nipples can get, so protect them and feel better when breast feeding your little one... I love my Shower Hug and you will too."

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FAMILY REVIEW rates the Shower Hug!

"The Shower Hug brings therapeutic relief that is long lasting, by providing support and relief when and where it is needed most. Not only is it a miracle find for breastfeeding mothers, it is also of great comfort and relief for those who are recovering from mastectomy, augmentation, reduction, reconstruction and lifts."

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MOM TO BE DEPOT rates the Shower Hug!

"ShowerHug is going to be your new best friend for a while! If you're currently pregnant, or are a nursing mom, you'll very much appreciate the creators of this nifty product."

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PARENTS CONNECT rates the Shower Hug!

"Leave it to a person with boobs to come up with this simple, smart solution to painful pregnant showers. The Shower Hug is a sheath of super-soft velour that you wrap around your boobs to protect them from stinging spray and harsh soaps. It beats playing cover-your-boobs-while-you-wash-your-hair any day. It comes in two pretty pastels and will even serve you well in your post-pregnant life: as a warm compress for engorged breasts or as a leak-absorbing alternative to breast pads at bed time. C'mon, don't your boobs deserve a big hug?"

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I contacted customer care at Belmama and Cherub regarding the sizing and material of their Shower Hugs, and they responded to me in less than 24 hours with an incredibly thorough - and very helpful - response. When I responded the next day with even more questions, they - once again - responded quickly and enthusiastically and provided me with all the details I'd asked for (and also reminded me that they would be pleased to answer any questions, comments, or concerns I had in the future). As I am an American currently living in Australia (and seeking out certain American products that I've heard were fantastic for moms and newborns), I've been emailing back and forth for several months with many American companies to determine the exact sizing, style, and material of products I'm researching for my soon-to-arrive baby. BY FAR, Belmama and Cherub has provided the best customer service of any of the companies I've dealt with over the past few months. They made the ordering process a lot easier for me - much less to stress about when I'm due in only 2.5 weeks! Very nice people!

~ Melissa L.
I absolutely love it! I wish I had heard of it for my first pregnancy/breastfeeding experience. I can claim back my shower time with no pain. There simply are no words to express how wonderful that is. Thank you to whomever it was who thought this one up:)

~ Rachel M.

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product! I was given a shower hug by a friend while going through the most uncomfortable time of my radiation treatments. My skin had broken down in the fold under my breast and even with medication and special surgical gause pads, I could not wear my bras. I had tried everything and being that I am larger breasted and in a job where I needed to look professional everyday, I was beside myself.

Your product got me through beautifully. I put the shower hug on and twisted it around so that the velcrow went down my back. It was nice and snug, gave me plenty of support and did not bind and cause pain on the blisters. It really did feel like a hug when I needed it most! I took it and the packaging to my radiation facility and showed it off to all the techs, nurses and doctors. They were very impressed and thrilled to have another option to offer their patients.

I also bragged about it on the BreastCancer.org website forum I was in with other women currently undergoing radiation. We all wished we had known about this product earlier in our treatment, especially right after surgery.

I would recommend that in order to get your much needed product into the hands of breast cancer patients, you may want to target cancer centers, radiation facilities, hospital support groups, oncology magazines and most definitely the BreastCancer.org web site. Last week I actually met Dr. Marissa Weiss, Radiation Oncologist from Phila. who started the web site and has written numerous books. I spoke to her about your product and sent her the name of your web site. She was excited to have something to offer women who like me have few options once the skin breaks down.

Best of luck to you with your products! I am certainly thankful for having been given my 'hug' and will continue to share my story with others.

~ EF

“I actually gave it to a friend to try because she just gave birth and is breastfeeding for the first time. She said it is the best thing ever - that she wouldn't be able to take a shower without this on! She has also been wearing it for nursing and sleeping. I thought it might be cool to add as a box to the nursing bra section of The Bra Book but I asked my editor and the manuscript is already on the way to the typesetter so it's too late to add. But when www.thebrabook.com is up and running, I will definitely add it there as one of my ‘picks.’ It is a really unique idea that actually works!!”

-Jene' Luciani
Author, "The Bra Book,"
Fashion & Beauty Editor, The Wag Magazine (Westchester and Greenwich's only luxury lifestyle publication),
Contributing Writer,
Pink Memo New York; On-air Fashion & Lifestyle Expert/Stylist
I am not kidding when I say this is my new BFF. I wear it for every shower and can SO see how it will be a vital piece for me post-natally as well. I really can't wait to write about it again in more detail.

~ Suzanne Tucker
a.k.a. Zen Mommy
Publisher, My Mommy Manual
Connecting moms with practical and inspired tips!
I purchased my first shower hug a couple of months ago before I had my twins. I only purchased one since I wanted to try it to make sure it would fit and that I would like it.

Well, I LOVE it!! I was so sorry that I only ordered one. I just had twins, my 3rd and 4th kids. Showering with the first 2 was torture and enjoyment all at the same time. I lived to shower since I was sweating all the time from hormones but dreaded it since it was so painful and uncomfortable from breastfeeding.

The shower hug is the best invention for nursing moms and for any mom for that matter! I have ordered and received another 2 shower hugs since I love them so much! Thank you again for inventing the greatest gift for nursing moms!

~ Robyn
OMGoodness ...let me tell you about your shower hugger...MY DAUGHTER LOVES IT.. since she had the C section she hurts double bad i said get that shower hugger and use it.. she said mom i can not believe what a difference it makes in the shower.. she said she may never take it off..i can not thank you enough . . . god bless you for inventing this product.. it is a god send hugsss

~ Deb
I just wanted to send you a link to my most recent post: My Hospital Bag

I LOVE my shower hug so much!! I use it everyday, it is a lifesaver so I had to give it another plug. Huge lifesaver with baby #2, who I had three weeks early due to complications.

Thanks again!!! I think I am one of your biggest fans!!

~ Gina
“I love my Shower Hug wash cloths and burp cloths! They are the softest material and so pretty! I love using the burp cloth for special days out and consider them my fancy ones!!! I only wish the Shower Hug made a blanket too!”

~ Aimee C.
Thank you for inventing such a wonderful product. Being a large breasted woman I found that I needed support during my pregnancy and while nursing around the clock. This product is a perfect and more comfortable alternative to a nursing bra for sleeping at night.

The Shower Hug is so soft, durable and provided great support for my enlarged breasts. In addition, I used the Shower Hug in the shower when I had Mastitis and it was marvelous. Being able to take a hot shower and provide a warm compress for my breasts during this painful infection was heaven sent and instantly made me more comfortable. I recommend that everyone should have at least 2 of the Shower Hugs!

~ Jennifer K., San Diego, CA
Dear Belmama and Cherub,

I was recently blessed with my first born; a son. The first few days home from the hospital, my nipples were sore and cracked and the Shower Hug was the only material that was soft enough for them to touch.

I wore my Shower Hug for days and even at night. My husband laughed at me, but he laughed even harder when one day, the mailman came to the door to deliver some packages and I forgot I was wearing the Shower Hug and answered the door (sleep deprivation perhaps!).

~ Amanda G., San Diego, CA
Loved it! i got so engorged i totally used it in the bathtub for relief. thank you soooo much! the baby is now 6 weeks old! congrats on a wonderful invention! i totally recommend it!

~Colleen Padilla
Owner, Classy Mommy
I use the Shower Hug EVERY time I shower. What I like about it in addition to blocking my sore nips from the shower stream, is that it also protects them from getting soapy. I made that mistake in the hospital and the little guy wouldn't eat. I'm sure it tasted yucky! Just wanted to give you some feedback on an awesome product!!

~Layla G.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful product! The Shower Hug has brought much needed relief to my poor tender breasts. I am so grateful!

I use it in and out of the shower - in for protection from the water spray, out for holding warm compresses on my breasts. I love it! I was on the brink of giving up on nursing due to the discomfort, but your product helped me to keep going. You've really helped this Mom out!

~Patty W.
I received the Shower Hug as a gift after having my son. He is my first, so breastfeeding was a new experience for me and I didn't realize how uncomfortable taking a shower was going to be. Let me tell you, the first time I used the Shower Hug it instantly became the BEST gift I received. Using the Shower Hug allowed me to take a shower without having to dodge the water streams.

I could once again enjoy the relaxation of taking a shower and enjoy the 15 minutes I had to myself! I honestly believe that every breastfeeding mom should have a Shower Hug. Thank you for inventing this fine product!

~Michelle Z.
I am not a Mother and no, I am not pregnant. But, I am a large-chested woman that faces painful and tender to the touch breasts once a month. I thought the Shower Hug might provide me some relief from wearing a bra all day and it was the perfect remedy. During “that time", I immediately come home and change into my Shower Hug.

I wear it at home and sometimes through the night. The material is so soft, and it gives them the support I need from a bra without the painful straps and underwires. I know this might not be what you were thinking when you developed this thoughtful product, but I wanted to let you know that there may be other woman like me who could benefit just the same.

Thank you!

~Amanda L.
The Shower Hug gave me my showers back. Before the Shower Hug, I had to run the water at half pressure to be able to stand the water hitting my chest area during pregnancy. Even then, it was uncomfortable, and I needed patience to get the shampoo out of my hair.

Now that I have my Shower Hug, I can completely enjoy the relaxation of a long hot shower at full pressure, without any discomfort at all.

~Karen K.
TThe Shower Hug is such an incredible find. As a new nursing mother, I found it impossible to be without every time I take a shower, and even for comfort as I sleep. It is super absorbent and easy to launder. I am conservation-minded so knowing that I can wash and reuse was super important to me. I purchased my Shower Hug at an auction for a local parenting charity and it is undoubtedly one of the best "baby" purchases I made."